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We are a New York based blog presenting the latest up-to-date information about the city for culturally adventurous New Yorkers. We believe this city has so much to offer to the world, and we want to share it with you and help you make the most out of your time living here. New York is so big that we often don’t get to explore everywhere that we would like to, but our goal is to change that by providing you with great content that motivates you to get out there and really see the city.

On our blog, you’ll find the latest news from all five boroughs, as well as information regarding the latest events, restaurants, bars, shopping, fitness, and much more. Our writers are all local New Yorkers who scour the city to find the best places to share with you. We also give you tips for living in New York, opinion pieces on the latest trends, and much more. We even answer your questions about living and working here – just send them to us via email or social media for a chance to be featured! We publish a weekly Q&A with popular questions, and we’ll also respond to as many questions directly as we can.

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